Investigating Links Between Spatial Ability, Data Visualization Task Performance, and Area of Discipline.

Empowering people across all disciplines and professions to understand their data is the enduring promise of visualization. When designing a visualization for a specific industry or discipline, visualization designers will consider the nature of the data and how it is used by that specific discipline. What is seldom (if ever)…

Enabling anonymous peer-based mental health support with artificial intelligence and visualization

The chat system collects stories about pandemic experiences, which are presented to others in story bubbles.

Visit the app and share your stories at

It’s been well over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe, prompting various measures from governments and private-sector entities alike. One of the first responses to the pandemic came in the form of widespread implementation of work-from-home and…

vialab research

Visualization and HCI research at Ontario Tech University, led by Dr. Christopher Collins

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